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The creator behind Pen to Publish, Grace, is a self-publishing consultant. She is also an International Best Selling Author and have helped over thousands of authors become authors and create global impact. Click here to book a free consultation.
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Since I began working with Grace 1 year ago, I've been able to publish 7 titles on Amazon! Grace teaches the steps to write and publish your first book in an easy to follow an understandable format. I had spent 5 years trying to figure this all out on my own to no avail. Thanks so much, Grace for helping me to move the needle forward as a published author!!
Leanne Hoekstra
I purchased several of the templates offered by  Pen to Publish! The first template that I used was the 2019 Planner template! I was extremely surprised by the ease of use of the template! I now have Planner on Amazon for sale! I highly recommend that you get this template an offer it with your content! Thank you Grace for making such an amazing product available to us!
Rodney D Middleton