2019 Social Media Content Calendar for Authors by Grace Brown

2019 Social Media Content Calendar for Authors

365 Days of Social Media Content Planned out for Authors!

A preview of the calendar!

Overview of the Calendar

As a ghostwriter, I would hand off the finished manuscript to my client and wish them all the best. However, as a book coach and an author myself, I know too well that the work of being an author gets even harder after publishing. Marketing is a real struggle for many self-published authors and so part of my coaching mandate has always been to help authors market their books effectively, so that they can sell more books and make more money. 

A content calendar is a tool used by marketing professionals and it should be no different for you as an author. But I know, that it takes time and you have a million and one other things going on. So hence, the 2019 Social Media Content Calendar for Non-Fictional Author.

This calendar is designed for you to:
  • Post daily
  • Increase engagement
  • Get more sales
  • Take the stress out of content planning
  • Save you time

This is the ideal tool for any non-fictional author who struggles with what to post on social media.

Snapshot of Calendar

Each day of the calendar includes a posting idea directly connected to your book or to increase social interaction!


Grace is excellent. She’s very knowledgeable about everything pertaining to marketing, writing, editing, and publishing books, journals, planners and more. I love how Grace keeps us informed and is extremely passionate about what she does. She’s extremely consistent when it comes to showing up and answering questions as well.
Yondel Benjamin-Gilfurt

What's included?

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