Weekly Planner Template by Grace Brown

Weekly Planner Template

A fully customized template to create your own branded weekly planner.

A look at the weekly planner template

Create a weekly Planner for Your Brand!

Planner creation just got easy. Use this pre-formatted, pre-designed and fully customization template to create a dated weekly planner for your brand or for your personal use. Create a dated or undated planner that your tribe will love. Template comes with an instructional video, online support, and the following features:

  1. Introduction and pre-planner section
  2. Monthly Calendar view and planning
  3. Weekly view with space to include scripture, quote, or affirmation.
  4. Daily space for planning notes and to-do list
  5. Monthly reflections
  6. End of planner notes
  7. Pre-formatted for KDP, The Book Patch, LULU, and most publishing platforms.
  8. 8*10 Trim Size
  9. Watermark

This template is designed in word and is super duppa easy to use!


I purchased several of the templates offered by Grace and Pen to Publish! The first template that I used was the 2019 Planner template! I immediately saw that I could use the template for a planner to go along with my book Casting and Catching Vision! It was the perfect tool for visionaries to map out the next year! I was extremely surprised by the ease of use of the template! I now have Planner on Amazon for sale! I highly recommend that you get this template an offer it with your content! Thank you Grace for making such an amazing product available to us! I owe you big! Get it today!
Rodney D Middleton