30-Day Challenge Workbook Canva Template by Pen to Publish

30-Day Challenge Workbook Canva Template

Use this easy to use template to create a professional looking workbook for your your online challenge or a guide.

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Take your brand to the next level

Boring word documents and PDFs are so last year. It is time to take your brand to the next level with a professional looking workbook that you can use for an online challenge or just as a guide:

This fully customizable and easy to use templates is a 41 page design that includes:
  • A cover page
  • Welcome or Introduction Page
  • 3 Challenge at a glance pages
  • 30 individuals challenge pages
  • Reflection Page
  • Quotes Page
  • Next Steps Page

You don't need a design bone in your body to use this template and your clients will love it.

What's included?

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30 Day Challenge Workbook Canva Template - PDF Guide - FINAL.pdf
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