3K Masterclass by Grace Brown
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3K Masterclass

Teach What You Know & Get Paid!
Enrollment is closed

Teach What You Know & Get Paid!

Since November 2017,  I have been launching and executing 3k+ masterclasses as a book coach. In this LIVE workshop and 14 day implementation journey I will be teaching my formula so that you can do the same in your business.

For years I was focused on one-to-one clients. I would deliver high-quality content, book free consultations, and send out contracts. I was making money, but there were good months and then there were nil months. The next problem I had was that one-to-one and in particular done-for-you services meant I was exchanging time for money. I was on this continuous merry-go-round with my income and found it challenging to find time to be a wife, mother, and woman of God.

I knew there was a better way. I knew I had to find a way to help my target audience achieve their goals without having to trade time for money. So I invested in business coaching and got the clarity I needed and one month later I launched the Journal Creation Masterclass that generated $3,290 in launch sales and in one year generated $20k in up-sell and parallel offers.

Since then I have launched and executed several $3k masterclasses and online programs that provide continuous revenue streams for my business looooong after execution. And I want to teach you how to do the same!
There are people in these internet streets teaching what they DON'T know and making money. It is time for you to teach what you DO know and turn it into online cash!

What is 3k Masterclass?

This is a LIVE workshop and 14- day online implementation program to show you how to teach what you know and generate $3k in sales for your next masterclass. The program includes:
  1. A LIVE 3 hour workshop (will be recorded) on March 16th in which I will teach you step by step and task by task what you need to know to create, launch, market, and execute your next masterclass with the goal of generating $3k
  2. 14 days of online support and accountability to ensure that you implement the strategies and steps from the workshop.
  3. 4 intensive LIVE group coaching sessions over the 14 day period to answer questions, provide feedback, and get you moving in the right direction
  4. Access to a comprehensive playbook with a break-down of how to execute and get to your first 3k masterclass.
This program is like no other. As a mother of 3 autistic kids, I understand that everyone learns in a different way. Accordingly, this program includes a number of teaching strategies designed to meet you and your learning needs.


I've worked with Grace for over a year now and she is a god-send! From her templates to 30-day book selling challenge she offers practical information and easy to implement tools that will help you up level as an author and small business owner.
LaKena Horhn-Dunham
Grace is an amazing coach and person all around. The knowledge she shares, the time she invests makes it easy to reach your publishing goals. Her one on one working sessions as informative, productive and if you put in the work lucrative.
Eraina Tinnin

What you will learn!

I am not about the fluff. I am about equipping my clients with practical strategies that they can implement to get results! Here is a break down of what you will learn in 3k Masterclass:
  1. How to gain clarity on what you can teach and the exact research strategies to implement so that you can figure out what people will pay for and what they will ignore.
  2. A task by task breakdown of how to launch your masterclass in 24 hours before you even create the content or other resources for your masterclass.
  3. All the tech tools and automation processes you need to put in place to reduce stress and increase enrollment.
  4. How to market your masterclass using my Facebook LIVE matrix. This infamous system is at the heart of how I make money online and it will make money for you too.
  5. How to use an easy to follow webinar funnel system to sell your masterclass if the matrix is not for you. This system is at the heart of how I make money selling affiliate offers.
  6. How to get other people to sell for you and reap the financial benefits of the affiliate power.
  7. By far my favorite...learn how to upsell and parallel sell from your masterclass so that you can generate continuous income even months after execution.
This program will also include a detailed playbook, group coaching sessions, plus 14 day access to me in an exclusive Facebook group.

What you know has value and others will pay for it! Teach what you know and get paid!

Your 3k Masterclass Teacher

Grace is an online entrepreneur with the gift of turning ideas, knowledge, and resources into content. She has taught over 1000 content entrepreneurs in the last  year with her masterclasses, online challenges, and workshops.  Her no fluff and results driven strategies is what her clients love the most. 

Sign up today. This program has limited enrollment numbers! See you in class!


Will there be a replay?

Yes, the Saturday workshop, any Facebook training, and all group coaching sessions will be recorded.

How long will I have access to the content?

3k Masterclass will be a ongoing but LIVE program of Pen to Publish. Once enrolled in your initial 14 days, you will have access to the content for one year. 

I do not have a large email list or social media following, is 3k Masterclass for me?

A large email list and social media following is not needed for you have success in 3k Masterclass. The formula is simple and designed particularly for individuals who are new to the online space or who have a hard time figuring out how to earn money online.