Canva Tutorials for Authors by Grace Brown

Canva Tutorials for Authors

Learn how to create stunning graphics for your author business.

Canva for Authors!

Canva is a free online graphics design software that has put the power of design into the hands of individuals who never thought they could design their own graphics.

Canva Tutorials for Authors is designed to teach authors how to create stunning and professional graphics using for their books, online profile and content business. The course includes 8 online tutorials.

The tutorials are super easy to follow and your instructor Grace Marie Brown will walk you through the entire design process to help you design like a pro.

Each tutorial covers a particular design project that you can use as an author or as a content entrepreneur.

What's Included?

Canva Tutorials for Authors will teach you how to design the following graphics:
  1. PDF Ebooks & Booklets 
  2. Ebook & Spiral Covers 
  3. Perfect Binding Book Cover 
  4. Info & Blog Graphics 
  5. Social Media Graphics 
  6. Business Cards  
  7. Event Banners 
  8. Author One Sheet  

Your purchase of Canva Tutorials for Authors will give access to all 8 tutorials!

Tutorial 1 -PDF Ebook & Booklet

Whether it is for a freebie, lead magnet, or digital product, you can create an ebook in Canva. You can also use that PDF ebook to create a booklet for printing. 

Tutorial 2 - Ebook & Spiral Book Cover

In this tutorial you will learn how to design book covers for your ebook and spiral projects. Whether you are a kindle author or working on a notebook or journal for spiral printing, this tutorial will walk you through the design process.

Tutorial 3 - Perfect Binding Book Cover

As an author your book cover is an integral part of your publishing. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own perfect binding book cover to meet KDP publishing guidelines. Also learn how you can transfer that knowledge to design covers for ANY publishing platform. 

Tutorial 4 - Info & Blog Graphics

Information graphics are great for social media and website marketing. In this tutorial learn how you can create an info graphics and how to re-purpose that graphics for your blog. Use this skill to create graphics to promote your book or your content business.

Tutorial 5 - Social Media Graphics

Whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, this tutorial will teach you how to create stunning and attention grabbing graphics for your social media.

Tutorial 6 - Business Cards

There is no getting rid of business cards. As an author you can use business cards at events or carry it with you in case of an opportunity. In this tutorial you will learn how to create business cards that showcase you as an author.

Tutorial 7 - Event Banners

In this tutorial you will learn how to design event banners for your event. Use your new skills to create graphics and stand out in the room at your next event.

Tutorial 8 - Author One Sheet

Sell yourself as an author or promote your book using a one sheet. In this tutorial you will learn how design a stunning one sheet that you can use at events or share with event organizers and agents.

Yes You Can!

Grace has been teaching individuals how to use and design in canva for years. If you think you are not tech savvy or have no creative bone...not to worry. Grace will break it down and make it easy for you to follow! Her clients range from age 9 to 65! Sign up today and learn skills that can you use to save money...or even open the door to a new business.