Event Notebook Creation Kit by Grace Brown

Event Notebook Creation Kit

Everything you need to create a branded notebook for your event

Create a Lasting Impact at Your Next Event

Whether your event is free or paid, you want to leave a lasing impact on your attendees. Other than delivering great content and an awesome experience at the event, you also want to keep your brand and event in the  mind of your attendees long after the event. One way to achieve this, is to give your attendees a gift that they will continue to use after the event. - Give them a notebook!

Have you ever been to an event and wanted to take notes? You get a piece of paper from the registration desk or something you found in your bag and take notes...but then later you cannot find the piece of paper. That happens to me all the time. Why? Because people throw away pieces of paper! But they don't throw away notebooks!

For your next event create a branded notebooks for your attendees. This Event Notebook Creation Kit will help you do that in less than 60 minutes!

Create a branded notebook for your next event!

Create a notebook that keeps your brand and your event in the mind of your attendees long after the event!

What's Included in the Kit

The Event Notebook Creation Kit includes everything you need to create and print a branded notebook for your next event.  Get access to:
  1. A notebook template - Use this fully customizable template to create a professional looking interior for your notebook . The template is in word...which makes it easy for your to edit, add pages, images, and even add advertising pages to monetize your notebook.
  2. Instructional Videos - Learn step by step how to create your notebook, cover design, and printing process. Each instructional video is informative and provides on screen demonstration for each step in the creation process.
  3. Online Support - Join our dedicated Facebook group and get the support you need as you create your notebook. You can get all your tech issues resolved and questions answered.
As a bonus, you will learn how to monetize your notebook, so that you can cover the cost for printing and offer the notebooks free to your attendees.

Stapled pieces of paper will not cut it!

Take your event to the next level...stapled pieces of paper will not cut it. Instead create a branded notebook that your attendees will love! Every time your attendee uses that notebook in the future they will remember your event and expose your brand to those around them. And that is an event gift...that keeps giving!