Gratitude Journal Creation Kit by Grace Brown

Gratitude Journal Creation Kit

All you need to create, publish, and print a gratitude journal.

Create a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is a mindset that is more than just positivism. It is a way of thinking that most individuals can accept is great for daily living. So what if you could create a gratitude journal for your audience and start a journal business that can generate multiple streams of income?

This kit will make that possible. I don't like complicated things and so I have invested the time to make sure that the kit includes the resources that will make it easy.

Whether you have never published before or if you have done this before, this kit will take out all the guess work and create a stress free process to create, publish, and print your journal...even when you don't have a tech or creative gene in your body.

A Look at 1 of 4 Templates

A Look at 1 of 4 Templates

What's Included in the Kit?

This kit is jammed packed with all the resources you need to get your project done:

  1. A Journal Creation Guide - Learn step by step on how to get your journal done.
  2. 4 Gratitude Journal Templates - Whether you doing a classic journal, listed, 30 day, or a more detailed and prompted journal, this kit has you covered. All templates are in word, fully customizable, pre-formatted, and publish ready for KDP, Ingramspark, The Book Patch, and Lulu.
  3. Instructional Videos - This kit includes several instructional videos to help you with your project.
  4. Journal Prompts - There are 80+ prompts that you can use to get your creative juices going and help you in developing prompts for your journal.

Awesome...right? Plus get online support should you have questions.


I purchased the ”How to Create a Branded Journal”. The system was easy to follow with videos and clear instructions. I created a beautiful journal that I have available as a hard copy and digitally as part if a bundle. very pleased with my purchase.
E Michelle Mickens