Launch to Amazon Best Seller Masterclass by Pen to Publish

Launch to Amazon Best Seller Masterclass

Learn how to launch or re-launch your book to Amazon Best Seller status in 7 days or less!

There is no secret! Just a strategy!

There is no secret to how you can become a #1 best selling author on Amazon. Don't allow others to tell you otherwise.

My clients use a formula that I teach them. It is the same formula used by publishing companies, literary agents, and other self-publishing authors. When my clients use this formula they become best sellers in less than 24 hours.

If you want to learn how you can do the same...then go ahead and sign up for this masterclass.There is no secret...but you got to do some work!

Client #1 - Power of Kingdom Mindset

Johni launched her Anthology in June of this year. Using the SAME formula that I teach in this masterclass...She became a best selling author in less than 24 hours in 4 categories! Her book was also a #1 hot new release within hours of upload. She has received a number of speaking and vending opportunities since her launch!

Client #2 - Mindset to Manifest

Justina launched her book in June and used my infamous category list and best seller formula. She became a #1 Best Seller in hours of her launch and is now writing her second book!

You too can become an Amazon Best Seller!

The Amazon Best Seller list is not reserved for the rich or the famous. You just need to know the strategy to implement! You can do this!

Your purchase today will give you access to:
  1. The Amazon Best Seller PDF Guide
  2. The Launch to Best Seller Masterclass
  3. My own Amazon Category Research List
My Amazon category list is the glue to your best seller success. I have taken the time to research the least competitive category placements available on Amazon. Now you will know how much books you need to sell in a day in order to be on the best seller list; how much to sell to be top 20 and even the number of books you need to sell to be #1.

There is no secret...there is no magic. There is a strategy...and now you have access to it!

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Launch to Amazon Best Seller Masterclass
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