Notebook Boss Masterclass

Learn how to create and monetize a notebook line!

Create your notebook line!

Notebooks have been with us for ages and despite the advancements in digital notebooks, people still prefer physically writing things down. So how cool would it be to join the notebook industry by creating your own line of notebooks for your brand, tribe, or event?

I love notebooks and I started to create my own line of branded notebooks in 2017. Now I teach individuals how to do the same. In this masterclass you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to start your notebook line. I will show you step by step how to come up with cool ideas, how to set-up a professional interior, design your cover and yes...even how to publish and print your notebooks.
Learn how you can create notebooks like this one to monetize your online and offline brand.
Turn your sayings or regular catch phrases into a notebook line that is guaranteed to sell like hot bread!

What you will learn!

In this masterclass lllwalk you through the process from start to finish on how to start, create, and monetize your notebook. You will learn :
  • Notebook 101 - A look at the options available for notebooks and what you should be considering in terms of interior and binding styles.
  • Creating branded notebooks - Learn step by step how to create notebooks for events, coaching programs, or as client gifts.
  • Creating a notebook line - A step by step breakdown on how to start a notebook line that you tribe will rush to buy.
  • Cover Design - On screen demonstration on how to create your spiral and perfect binding covers in canva without hiring a graphic designer.
  • Printing your notebook - By far the number 1 question I get is "How do I print and bind my notebook?". I will be teaching all the options available for printing. You will learn about printing options for paperback, spiral, and hard cover.
  • Sales and Marketing - Once you know how to create your notebook line, you now have to market and sell them. I will teach you winning online and offline strategies that will have you making money in no time.
But there is more! You will also get access to:
  • All the interior templates you need to get your notebook done!    
  • The tech tools and resources you  need to get your line looking professional.
  • A free tool I use for notebook mock-ups
  • Exclusive membership to a Facebook group
You don't want to miss this masterclass.   


Grace of Pen to Publish is an amazing coach and person all around. The knowledge she shares, the time she invests makes it easy to reach your publishing goals. 
Eraina Tinnin
I absolutely love every course, template, and 1:1 session I have purchased from Grace. I paid $47 for a masterclass and have made over $1500 from my investment.
Andrea Rashad

Create branded Notebooks

Create notebook like these for your business brand, coaching program, or offline events.
Create faith-based notebooks with spiritual sayings or scripture.

BONUS - Personalized Notebooks

Learn how you can make money offering personalized services for your notebook line. This is  a stream of income that is recurring and at a higher price point. This is also a great option for a summer business for your teenagers

Your Masterclass Teacher

Grace is an international ghostwriter and book coach and have helped hundreds of clients create and publish books. She owns her own branded notebook line and have coached 200 others on how to do the same.

Grace loves to teach and her goal is to make sure that you walk away with value and a clear understanding on how to execute. Her clients love her teaching style, because it is simple and results-driven.

What's included?

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Notebook Boss Masterclass
Notebook Templates
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Instructional Videos
How to Use Notebook Templates
Designing Notebook Cover
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