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Authors Get Paid

A membership program to help self-published authors market their books, generate multiple streams of income, and expand their author brand.

Are you making money with your book?

According to the guardian, the average self-published author makes between $500 to $1000 per year; with 90% of self-published books selling less than 100 copies annually. Sounds crazy? At first I thought this must be I started to survey  self-published authors online. And sure enough, most of them were lucky if they even got a $100 per month.

As an author myself, I struggled in the first year to generate the type of money I wanted to make. Over the years, I was determined to turn my books into an income stream that could stand on it's own. Today my books generate 5 figure income streams and I want the same for you.

Authors Get Paid is a month to month membership that focuses on teaching self-publish authors how to market their books and generate multiple streams of income as an author.

Are you making money with your book? Are you generating 5 and 6 figures from your title as an author? If you did not have a job or a business, could you live comfortable with the income from your book? If the answer is no to any of these questions...then you need this membership program!

Get Immediate Access!

Watch this video for a walk-through of what you get when you sign up today. Get immediate access to all resources currently in the program - no drip in effect. Plus learn all you can expect for the rest of 2019!

Member Testimonial

During her membership of Authors Get Paid Dr. Johni launched her anthology to a #1 Amazon Best Selling book in 4 book categories and in less than 24 hours. Listen to her testimonial about the program and check out her books on Amazon
Visit Dr. Johni's Author's Page

2020 Speaker Leads Now Available

Speaking engagement is one of the many streams of income available to authors. As a member of Authors Get Paid you get access to 2020 speaker leads. Currently 165+ speaking leads available!

What's Included in Authors Get Paid?

If you have ever worked with me you know I am not about the fluff. I am the coach authors come to when they want to get things done. If you don't want to be pushed to the next level as an author, then this program is not for you. I will not baby you! I assume that you are an self-published author that is serious about generating income from your book. I also assume that you could do other things with your $27 per month and so my goal is make sure that I offer not only value but actionable strategies to get you paid!

Authors Get Paid is a month to month subscription membership program that includes the following:

  1. Monthly Masterclasses - At the beginning of each month, you get access to a LIVE online masterclass focused on teaching a marketing or income generating strategies. The replay along with resources will be loaded to your membership portal so that you watch and re-watch.
  2. Monthly 1 to 1 Coaching Session with Grace - Get the extra help you need to market your book. Your membership plan includes a monthly 30-min coaching session with Grace. Get clarity and feedback on your book plan, plus learn into the action steps that are needed to get you to the next level. Each session is recorded and will include your next 30-day action steps.
  3. Monthly Q&A - At the end of each month join others in the membership program for a live online Q&A. I will answer your questions and give you the feedback you need to incorporate the marketing and income generating strategies for your books. 
  4. Weekly tech video/resources - Each week I will upload a tech video or resource connected to the monthly masterclass.
  5. Quarterly challenges - as a membership group, each quarter we will have a challenge focused on a particular marketing or income generating strategy. The goal is to offer support and accountability, so that you can get the results you need!
  6. Dedicated Facebook group - Join other like-minded authors in a dedicated Facebook group where you share your concerns, ask questions, get feedback, and network with others.
  7. Get Paid Leads - Your membership now includes up to date leads for vending events and 2020 speaking engagements.
PLUS so much more. Your membership comes with immediate access to all of the above (no drip) plus leads for income generating opportunities, my coveted secret vault lists, 50% discount to Pen to Publish courses (that are not included in the membership), and 20% off Pen to Publish events.

Member Testimonial

Let me say this has been the best investment. I reached out to a couple of "coaches" that assist with publishing and cost was no less than a $1,000. Grace loves God and talking to her pushes me to want to share my testimony everyday with everyone. I am no longer afraid of my past. It's in print to be told all over the world. God did it.  

In my launch week I sold over 35 books and just scheduled 2 meetups at local churches after consulting with Grace. 
Teresa Benson Niles
Visit Teresa's Authors Page

Your book will make room for you!

You wrote your book so that you could change the lives of those who buy it. Whether your book is to educate, inspire, or encourage, it will open the door to rooms of opportunities. You cannot change lives if you don't know how to access those rooms. It is time to get in front of your audience, share your story and get paid as an Author!
Join the Authors Get Paid Membership Program Today

All the dreams and goals you have for your book can only be achieved through marketing.

No, just publishing your book to Amazon will not result in immediate downloads. If you do not invest the time and the implement the right marketing strategies, your published book will just gather virtual dust.

Whether your book is part of your business brand, your Christian ministry or you want to give it away for free, no one will know about the book without marketing.  So all your dreams and goals for your book are wrapped up in the effort you put into marketing.

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Authors Get Paid Membership Plan

$27 / month
$270 / year (save 17%)
Authors Get Paid is a month to month membership program for self-published authors of non-fiction books. Learn how you can market your book and generate multiple streams of income as an author. 

This plan will give you access to all benefits of Authors Get Paid.
  1. Monthly Masterclass
  2. Monthly 1 to 1 Coaching Session
  3. Monthly Q&A
  4. Week tech videos/resources
  5. Quarterly Challenges
  6. Dedicated Facebook Group
  7. Membership Portal
  8. Discount on Pen to Publish Courses and Events

It is time to dust off the virtual dust on your book and put a plan in place to get paid as an author. International Ghostwriter, Book Coach, and Author Grace Marie Brown is ready to teach you the strategies you need move to the next level on your journey to be a successful author.
Includes access to 7 products:
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2019 Masterclasses & Challenges

  1. July - Using Email Marketing to Generate more sales
  2. August - How to create a lead magnet
  3. September - List Building Strategies that Work
  4. September - List building challenge
  5. October  - Organic Online Strategies to Increase Individual Sales
  6. November - The 100 books per month Formula
  7. November - Sell 100 books in 30 days Challenge
  8. December - How to Turn Your Book into Digital Products

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