Social Media Canva Template - Social Peach by Grace Brown

Social Media Canva Template - Social Peach

15 Facebook & 15 Instagram Graphic Templates for your brand or business.

Take Your Social Media Graphics to the Next Level

Take your social media graphics to the next level with these easy to use canva templates. This download includes 15 Facebook Posts and matching 15 Instagram Post that are sure to increase online visibility for your brand or business.

The templates are easy to use and will take the guess work out of designing professional-looking social media graphics. Plus like all other Pen to Publish templates, Social Peach comes with an instructional video and online support.

A Look at Social Peach

  • 15 Facebook Post Designs
  • 15 Instagram Post Designs
  • Fully customizable
  • Video Instructions & online Support


How does this work?

Once you purchase the template, you will receive a Instructional PDF with a link to watch the instructional video along with the link to the master template. You will create a copy of the template and save it to your canva account and then edit the copy of the template. It is super easy!

I don't have canva...can I still use the template?

The template is designed in canva and yes you will need a canva account. But Canva is FREE so you can sign up at and get started.

I am not good at designing...will this work for me?

This template takes the guess work out of designing and was specifically created with you in mind. The instructional video will help you design like a pro, plus you get access to a online support group where you can ask questions and get answers.