Supercharge Book Marketing Plan by Grace Brown

Supercharge Book Marketing Plan

Dust off the virtual dust and Supercharge your book sales!

Time to Supercharge Your Book Sales

Book marketing can be a challenge...but it is necessary for your self-publishing success. I created the Supercharge Book Marketing Plan to help authors like you who struggle with digital marketing for their books.

This is not like any other 30 day marketing plan, it is designed to get results...books sold! This is the marketing plan that I use for my books and the one that I teach to my clients. You use it once...rinse, and repeat!

Whether you are getting ready to launch your new book or you are already published and need to dust off the virtual dust, this plan is for you. With daily marketing objectives and a list of action items, this plan will help you supercharge your book sales and expand your author's brand.

Priced at just $19.99, you will make back your investment with the sale of ONE book. Get it today and get ready to supercharge your sales.

BONUS - Included with this download is the Supercharge Your Book Sales ebook. This eBook explains 5 high impact digital marketing strategies for authors.

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Can I get further help if I need it?

Sure. Grace is always willing to talk with you as to how she can help you with your marketing goal. Click here to set up a free consultation.

Is this marketing plan for me?

This 30 day plan was designed by Grace to re-launch her first book. It is a plan that focuses on digital marketing strategies. Using this plan Grace got her book to best seller status is 7 days. The plan is great for new authors or those looking to take their book marketing to the next level with 30 days on intense marketing.