The Author's ATM by Pen to Publish

The Author's ATM

Turn your book into your personal ATM!

Turn Your Book into Your Personal ATM

This mini course includes 6 videos that explains over 20 income streams available to non-fictional authors. Unfortunately many authors think that royalties are the only or major source of income as an author. This min-course will show you that there are so many other opportunities available to you.

After watching the videos, you begin to see all the money you are leaving on the table. It is time to turn your book into your personal ATM.

Get Email Coaching

After watching the videos, you may have questions. No problem. In this min-course you get access to email coaching from Grace. Now that's a DEAL!

What's included?

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Introduction to the Author's ATM
Email Coaching
Pre-Publishing Income
Pre-Publishing Income
The Author's Atm - Pre-Publishing Income.mp4
16 mins
Individual Sales
Individual Sales
The Author's ATM - Individual Sales.mp4
18 mins
Special Projects
Special Projects
The Author's Atm - Special Projects.mp4
16 mins
Book By-Products
Book By-Products
The Author's Atm - By-products.mp4
15 mins
Digital Products
Digital Products
The Author's ATM - Digital Products.mp4
21 mins
Business Opportunities
Business Opportunites
The Author's Atm - Business Opportunities.mp4
22 mins


I absolutely love every course, template, and 1:1 session I have purchased from Grace. I paid $47 for a masterclass and have made over $1500 from my investment.
Andrea Rashad
I've worked with Grace for over a year now and she is a god-send! She offers practical information and easy to implement tools that will help you up level as an author and small business owner
LaKena Horhn-Dunham

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What is email coaching?

Email coaching is offered free to those who enroll with this course. You can ask up to three questions and Grace will respond by email to you in relation to those three questions.

Is the Author's ATM for me?

If you are a non-fiction author and want to know what are the other streams of income you could be receiving, then this min-course is for you.

What will I get with this min-course?

The mini-course is divided into 6 pre-recorded videos. You will get access to those videos. Also should you have any questions, there is free email coaching available with this course.