The Author's Checklist & Planner by Grace Brown

The Author's Checklist & Planner

127 Steps to Self-Publishing Success

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The checklist include 127 steps to get an author from idea to publication. This is a screenshot of the checklist.

The Most Comprehensive Author's Checklist

By far the most comprehensive author's checklist you will ever find!! Compiled by International Ghostwriter, Book Coach, and Author Grace Marie Brown, From Idea to Publication is the author's ultimate checklist for self-publishing success. This checklist now includes a 12-week planner to the DIY Author.

Just as how you need some navigation assistance when going to a new location, so it is with writing your book – especially if it is your first time. So, consider this checklist and planner your GPS to writing and publishing your book. You could try to get there without it, but it just makes sense to turn on the GPS and avoid the uncertainty.

Each checklist item will take you one step closer to self-publishing success. It will define a clear starting point and will be your guide to know what’s next every step of the way.

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