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Everything you need to write and publish your book like a pro!

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Everything You Need to Get Your Book Done!

With a value of more than $500, this Author's Toolkit includes ALL the tools and resources you need to get your book done. This toolkit is perfect for the first time DIY author on a tight budget.

The top two reasons that future authors face are, one, they don’t know the process of becoming an author and two, they are operating on a tight budget. I have taken these two things into consideration to create the ultimate author’s toolkit so that you, my dear, can finally get your book DONE!

So what's included?

THE AUTHOR’S CHECKLIST - Valued at $19.99

This is the golden tool of this kit and includes the 127 steps to becoming a self-published author. It also includes a 12-week planner to help get you to the finish line in 12 weeks.


Before you even write a word or even your outline, you need clarity. The clarity workshop is a pre-recording of a LIVE online workshop and includes a worksheet to help you get the clarity you need.


Your book outline is critical to your writing process. But scribbling down some notes on a piece of paper is NOT an outline. As a ghostwriter, there is a content mapping and book outline process that I use for all projects, including mine. In the author’s blueprint, I teach this process and offer a comprehensive workbook so that you can map out your content and create an outline for writing success.


Formatting can be such a big headache and hiring professionals can set you back hundreds of dollars. This template will make your life easy and will give your manuscript a professional look.

PUBLISH WITH KDP - Valued at $19.99

By far one of the largest online self-publishing platform, KDP is owned by Amazon and offer expanded distribution to Barnes and Nobles, libraries, and books store. In this instructional video I walk you step by step through the process of uploading, proofing, and publishing your book on KDP.

BOOK LAUNCH CHECKLIST - Valued at $19.99

A successful launch is critical to the future of your book. I have compiled the things you need to do to plan and execute your book launch.

LIVE MONTHLY Q&A - Valued at $500+

I am super excited to offer this support in your kit. For 2019, join me LIVE for monthly Q&A sessions. You can get your questions answered as you work on your book project. 


Since I began working with Grace 1 year ago, I've been able to publish 7 titles on Amazon! Grace teaches the steps to write and publish your first book in an easy to follow an understandable format. I had spent 5 years trying to figure this all out on my own to no avail. Thanks so much, Grace for helping me to move the needle forward as a published author!!
Leanne Hoekstra

Self-Publish Like a Pro!

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Can I get 1 to 1 Coaching with the toolkit?

The Author's Toolkit includes monthly group Q&A sessions with Grace and 1 to 1 coaching is not included with the purchase. However, you can request coaching with grace by emailing

Is the Author's Toolkit for me?

The toolkit was designed for the DIY author on a tight budget. If you are writing your book with little or no professional help and want to make sure that you are doing it right, then the Author's Toolkit is for you.

Will the Q&As be recorded?

Yes. The recording of all the Q&As will be recorded and emailed to all those who purchased the kit.