The Classic Book Template by Grace Brown

The Classic Book Template

Use this pre-formatted template to create a professional looking book interior and format your book like a pro.

Formatting Your Book Just Got Easy!

Finally, you can format your book like a pro, without spending hundreds of dollars to do it. Perfect for the DIY author, the classic book template is designed so that you can just copy and paste your book content with ease. Features include:
  • Front of book content
  • Formatted chapter headings
  • Professionally numbered pages
  • Book headers
  • Drop Caps
  • About the author page
  • 5x8 and 6x9 Trim Size
  • Edit in word
  • Dummy content to help with visualization
  • Professionally formatted for KDP 
  • Can be used for ebook formatting

This template has done all the heavy lifting for you -just copy and paste your content to format your non-fictional book like a pro. Your download comes with an instructional video and email support.

A look at the classic book template

Your book can look like this! No  tech or design skills needed...just copy and paste!