The Ultimate Resource List for Authors by Grace Brown

The Ultimate Resource List for Authors

40+ Tools and Resources for the Non-fiction author.

Write & Publish Like a Pro

Compiled by International Ghostwriter and Book Coach Grace Marie Brown, The Ultimate Resource List for Authors includes 40+ tools you can use to complete your book project with success.

Learn about the paid and free resources used by professionals in the publishing industry. The list include:
  1. List of the best self-publishing platforms
  2. Writing, Editing, and formatting tools
  3. Fiverr sellers and Gigs
  4. Graphics and designing tools
  5. Marketing tools
  6. Plus tips and online communities for authors

The list is perfect for self-publishing non-fiction authors. Download it for free today.


Grace is an expert with writing and providing the tools needed for any writer, at any level. I love how her templates and tutorials are user friendly. Grace is eager to help writers, authors, and creators at large birth dreams and accomplish goals! I am honored to have this woman and her wisdom in my tribe! 
Toccara N. Steele
Grace of Pen to Publish is an amazing coach and person all around. The knowledge she shares, the time she invests makes it easy to reach your publishing goals. Her one on one working sessions as informative, productive and if you put in the work lucrative.
Eraina Tinnin

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