Write That Book with Grace Marie Brown by Grace Brown

Write That Book with Grace Marie Brown

The only writing and accountability program you need to complete the first draft of your non-fiction book. Enrollment for cohort 1 is full. Enter your email to join the cohort 2 enrollment waiting list.

Are you ready to be in the top 3%

97% of individuals who start to write their book never finish. This program is designed to put you in the 3%. It is time to write that book and change lives. Are you ready?

Is This Program for You?

Listen, let me just be straight with you - if you are not serious and willing to do the work that I ask you to do, then please do not join this program. This program is for the individual who knows that they need accountability, push, and support to get them to finally write that book.

I am a type A wired individual. I am driven by tasks and solutions, not excuses! Best believe I am going to call you out on your procrastination. Yes, I will call you out on your bull and self-sabotage mindset. You will not be able to ghost me in this program. There is no hiding - You will write that book!

The goal for this program is singular - I want you to finish the first draft of your book. Plain and simple! No jokes, no fluff and no gimmicks!

So, the real question isn't whether this program is for you...but whether you are for this program. Are you ready?

Cohort 1 is expected to complete first draft by December 31, 2019.

What's Included?

Your enrollment includes lifetime access to the training and resources in the program:
  1. Learn how to gain clarity on the book to write
  2. Learn how to content map and develop a book outline for writing success.
  3. Learn how to find the time to write and writing strategies to help you complete your draft!
In addition to training, the program includes:
  1. Access to a groupme group
  2. Monthly group check-in sessions
  3. An accountability partner
  4. Coaching and support from Grace Marie Brown
Plus access resources and tools for writing success!


Since I began working with Grace 1 year ago, I've been able to publish 7 titles on Amazon! Grace teaches the steps to write and publish your first book in an easy to follow an understandable format. I had spent 5 years trying to figure this all out on my own to no avail. Thanks so much, Grace for helping me to move the needle forward as a published author!!
Leanne Hoekstra